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Screening of EVE Absolute Matrix

January 3, 2010

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E.V.E Absolute Matrix

September 27, 2009

E.V.E Absolute Matrix 2009, 48:00 rent or purchase video download press brochure pdf read related articles E.V.E Absolute Matrix is constructed from 86.400 carefully chosen and manipulated video frames from the 5 hour video footage of a studio performance with Toronto musician Eve Egoyan playing Inner Cities, a contemporary 5 hour epic for solo piano […]

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Things of desire – E.V.E. Interview

April 12, 2009

THINGS OF DESIRE Canada’s Alternative Art Weekly Volume 1, nr 30, April 9-15, 2009 Read original article See excerpts Interview: As part of the Toronto’s Images Festival, video artist Gunilla Josephson is presenting her new work E.V.E Absolute Matrix. The 48-minute looping video installation is Josephson’s latest collaboration with musician/pianist Eve Egoyan. Josephson kindly answered […]

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Sewil Otosed – E.V.E. Essay

April 10, 2009

Women are money We see it every day and everywhere. Open the newspaper and they’re looking out at you. Walk past the magazine racks and their faces are there in the dozens. They’re on television every few minutes, they’re on the bus shelters, they’re on your computer, their giant faces peer down at you from […]

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