Art Thieves: A vivisector and a tuner from the Department of Truth
discover the meaning in art

2008, 18:00
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A woman and a man, who might be escapees from a painting, crash into late Baroque melancholy of a semi-abandoned museum somewhere in rural France. They set up camp in one of the galleries, catch fish from outside the windows, have dinner with a bird and proceed to examine the collection. Amongst the gilded frames and forlorn second-rate art collection, a small guard with a very large dog wanders by, a cloaked man rides a bicycle through the galleries, a voyeur stalks and peeps, an employee from the actual museum sweeps and the floors creak.

In the 1930s this kind of art form/film/cultural expression was seen as an instrument of revolutionary consciousness, whose products the system could not assimilate. Today we call characters created within such an expression Art Thieves.

HD video projector or monitor
DVD player
posters and props (provided by artist)


Production images: Montmartin Sur Mere, France 2008

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Art Thieves | 2009 | Video Work