Twinning Series

2002-2004, English/Swedish, 12:20
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Wall Flowers / Panelhönor
How to arrange two women in a bouquet of flowers. Two women are arranged in Dahlias by a droning bumble bee.

Milk Maids, 2007, 2:30
The attempted abduction by Zeus of two rococo milk maids is interrupted by the artist’s dog. A pastoral fantasy after Titians’ Abduction of Europa.

Swimming Pool
Canoeing for women. The idea of the clean and private swimming pool is disrupted in a ‘scary farce’ with two Rococo women in an inflated dragon find their way through muddy water.

Dots and Stripes Forever
Two women stand behind their flag.

Älskar, älskar inte…:
Two rococo women pull apart daisies in a game of Russian Roulette.

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Twinning Series | 2004 | Video Work | Media: